Vincent- Quality Manager

Born on 1981 .Bachelor degree, 10 years quality work experience,
  1, 2005-2007, 2 years in Stamping, Alu. Die casting and plastic injection field->IPQC, QA,QA supervisor
  2, 2007-2008,  work at  OEM factory which is one of the Top 500 Global corporations´╝îthe
      largest Notebook Manufacture factory in the world. Manage the whole quality process, including incoming quality, process quality , out going quality and customer quality. ->QM
  3, Excellent Quality management experience and knowledge/Skills.
On Nov 2008, joined UET,  as UET quality manager, lead UET China quality team, make sure internal quality program run well and keep improvement, arrange quality team routine; supplier development and assessment, supplier audit and rate, PO review, ECN review, PPAP training and review,, technical support, manage equipment calibration, QC resource, QC inspection, quality plan, quality issue investigation and corrective action implement, supplier quality audit and quality system set up/ improvement, QC team training  and improvement, etc. Coordinate with PM, supplier to make sure everything goes smoothly and stable, keep good communication with customer to satisfy customer. Keep strong team to make sure perfect quality performance. continuous improvement for UET and SUPPLIER , keep UET have strong competitiveness and good reputation..

Contact Info:
Room 704, No. 8-9, Lane 1500,
South LianHua Road, ShangHai, China
Ph. 0086-21-335820580086-21-33582058
Fax. 0086-21-33582055


UET Advantages :

  • Reduced Product Cost
  • Reduced Production Time
  • Unmatched Quality Control
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Large Supplier Network
  • Proven Reliability

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